I wonder if the LingQ forums are now open to anyone on the Internet without requesting any login ID

Is this true?

How can this kind of thing happen without any notice?

Your picture on your profile page is now open to anyone on the Internet.

Hi Yutaka,

You are correct in that we opened up the forum to the public, but people who are not registered on LingQ cannot access any pages outside the forum (including member profile pages). We’ve also gone through and made it so that any email addresses that may have been posted on the forum will be masked on the “outside” forum.

The reason behind us opening up the forum is that we felt there was a lot of good information on the forum about language learning, and a lot of interesting conversations that may benefit language learners in general. Hopefully it will also help others discover LingQ, since many have said it’s quite difficult to find the site from the outside.

I don’t see here any problem.
After the last major upgrade of LingQ I was logged out, and had not an opportunity to log in due to block of https on my work place. But at least I was able to read the forum. I think that LingQ need to be as open as possible, because a lot of people even don’t register.

I would like to know when the discussions among LingQ MEMBERS are open to ANYONE on the Internet without requesting any login ID. I wonder if we have got any notice about this.

are —> became

Why you need this information? Is not Internet a public place? Ling does not share your profiles with anyone. And does not sell card PANs. It is enough. Why forum should be closed?


I think that there is some difference between the “closed” open forums for the members who have login IDs and the “open” forums open to both anyone and any search robot on the Internet.

"Why you need this information? "
Is this information secret?

I agree with Yutaka. The minimum is to get informed if such important changes happens. It’s a question of how you can trust LingQ. What are the next changes? It’s a difference if I write something to a closed group or to the whole internet. I want to know if such changes happen.

By the way, I understand why you did it, and I can accept this. But I really think, users should be informed about such changes.

Thank you for your comment, VeraI.

Thank you, ytk031, for pointing this out.
The only thing I can do is to replace my avatar (done!) and choose my words in my comments even more carefully.

Thank you for your comment, Hape.
Is your new avatar a chinese character?

Yes, it’s the character “hǔ” = Tiger. See: http://bit.ly/bwuxb4

That is a wonderful avatar!

Now anyone on the Internet can search for some swearwords in forum posts easily.

I don’t see much difference between closed LingQ forum and opened. Among active writers on this forum, there are a lot of lingqers that I don’t know at all. There are even more strangers among lurkers. If I don’t want to share some personal information, I just don’t do this. I am very paronoic and usually don’t share much private information (look at my facebook name and avatar), but I don’t understand concern about the fact that LingQ forums are opened now. When I saw it the first time, I was very happy with this fact.

I feel that common sense is not so common.