I wonder if a colon is missing

I imported a writing report to my page. I noticed that “作文の内容” and the first word of the original text are recognized as one new word. I think there should be a colon or something after the expression “作文内容”, which signifies the contents of the composition in Japanese.
The part is contained in the list below.

<div class="wrapper">
    <div id="reading-block">
        <div class="wrapper">

            <p id="content-text-header-inline">Writing reports, I like grammar books.</p>
            <div id="text-block">
                <img class="lesson-picture" src="http://m.lingq.com/media/images/default-content.gif" align="left"
                     width="120" height="120" alt="lesson picture">
                <p><span class="word word-1704156">作文内容English</span> <span class="word word-502625">and</span> <span class="word word-508684">Japanese</span> <span class="word word-503255">are</span> <span class="word word-502880">very</span> <span class="word word-502731">different</span> <span class="word word-502728">in</span> <span class="word word-512211">grammar</span> <span class="word word-502625">and</span> <span class="word word-559711">syntax</span>.

Yutaka, can you take a look at this again now to see if it has been fixed?

Two Chinese Characters and one English word are connected and recognized as a word as follows:

作文内容English and Japanese are ....

typo…“Four Chinese Characters”

typo “I tried the importing again, and four Chinese Characters and one English word are still connected and recognized as a word…”

Hi Yutaka,

How exactly are you importing your texts? Are you clicking the blue Import button on the writing report itself? Or are you cutting and pasting the text in to the Import section? I can’t seem to recreate your problem.

Hi Mark,

I am clicking the blue Import button on the writing report. I don’t know where the four Chinese characters come from and why they are considered as the ones belong to the corrected text.


typo … " the ones which belong to "

I think this problem is now solved. I don’t see anything like this when I import writing in Japanese. You will have to test it again the next time you submit writing. The writing you imported already, however, will not change. It will stay the way it was originally imported unfortunately.

I imported a new Writing Report and discovered that the problem had been solved. Thank you.