I wished I lived in that house

I wished I lived in that house.

Question: 1) Is the sentence grammatically okay?
2) Do you say that a lot? I mean the sentence pattern “I wished I + simple past tense…”
i.g. I wished I had that house.

Thank you!!!

This is a common construction for making a wish in English:
I wish/wished + one of the past tenses, for example:
I wish it wasn’t raining.
I wish(ed) you didn’t work so much.
I wished the hotel had been better.
I wish they could come to see us tomorrow.


Yes, it’s fine. “I wished that I lived in that house” is a slightly different way to phrase it. I think that it makes the sentence structure more clear this way, but it is very, very common to omit my first usage of “that”. So I would say that my way is better in the sense of being more clear, more grammatically complete. But given the very common usage in your example, I would hesitate to call it more grammatically correct.

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