I was just shy of 13

A: How old were you then?
B: I was just shy of 13.

Question: What does “shy” mean in this sentence?
Is it common to use shy in the situation?

Thank you!!!

中文字幕错了。不是“刚刚”而是“几乎/差不多”的意思。 “我几乎十三岁”
just shy of x意思是“几乎”, almost


It’s fairly common. It’s used with numbers (not just ages), usually paired with just as in this case, and it means almost, very nearly etc. If you go bowling and you score 198, you can say your score was just shy of 200.


But to be honest, we don’t really say "我幾乎十三歲"in Chinese. It just sounds weird.

Yeah i don’t mean it’s natural in Chinese, but is there another less weird way to say “I was almost thirteen”?

it means hes almost 13 years old no its not common its just another way of saying it


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