I want to subscription but no one answer my email


I want to subscription and have sent 3 emails for support@lingq.com but no one answer me.
I’m trying to pay the annual premium membership but I need of the value in dollars. I don’t get to pay in my currency.
Is the discount below still valid (35% discount plus coupon)? I think so I’ll pay $5,20 per month.

Hello, Flaviogore.

Could you tell me which currency it is displaying for you? I’m not sure for “R”, there are 3 possible currencies and I can convert it for you to USD.

The math does add up, so yes, you are getting both discounts applied. It would be about R $28.49/month, as an annual subscription.

  1. $587.88 - (35%) 207.89 = $379.99
  2. $379.99 - (10%) $38.00 = R $341.99 Total

I’m sorry your having this issue, and hope I am being of assistance.

After extensive research and learning a lot more about foreign currency abbreviations. I believe it may be referring to “BRL”, “R$” for Brazilian Real.

If that is the case, it would equal to approx. $5.53/month USD.

@Flaviogore Please check your email. I replied with instructions. Thanks.