I want to start writing

I want to start writing in Russian, as another way of learning and bringing out my active vocabulary.

How can I start?

I remember in elementary school (barely), we did assignments like these every day where we would learn vocabulary and write sentences with them and do worksheets.

It would be nice if I could find worksheets or something I can work through because the structure and organization of it would be good for me. Does anyone know of any place I can find worksheets for writing in Russian?

Writing is a good idea. But why you need some ‘worksheets’?
Try to make up your own phrases, it’s more difficult, but more useful.
But start with an easy topic, for example, you can describe your day.
And it’s better at first to limit your writing with 8-10 sentences.

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I’m not sure what you’re describing. I’ve seen instructions on Russian cursive writing and printing. There is a lot of general advice for language learners wanting to write, perhaps the most useful of which is lists of topics to write about. There are grammars and dictionaries that will help with the process, etc.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step approach of how to use writing as a means to iron out your grammar or greatly improve your conversation, for example, you probably aren’t going to find one. Russian is probably the only language I’ve studied for which this would be worthwhile. If you find something like this, please post a link.

I have a notebook that is full of drills I’ve created on my own. I’ll find a sentence and rewrite it in some small way that fits the grammar structure. A simple example is that I’ve taken a sentence like … Я знаю русский язык and rewrite it with small changes such as a different pronoun/conjugation or a different language name.

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I suppose in the long run, it would be beneficial.

I enjoy the freedom of self teaching but I miss the structure of classes.

You can use the topics of my courses “Простые тексты”, “Начинаем говорить по-русски” - and using these lerssons as a model you can write your own little texts.

What a coincidence. Those are the lessons I’ve been reading this past month.

You are basically in the same level as I am so this might help. What I like to do is going to a lesson, read a line then don’t look back again and write down the line in a paper. This takes time but this seems to work for me.

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At the same time we’re still trying to get a grip of the cases, just for the nouns so far, as these declensions in Russian is a real pain in the neck! =))

Yeah, we’re trying to conquer these declensions in Russian, the nouns to begin with! :wink:

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What do you need work sheets for? Why not just start writing on things of interest. You will be forced to look up declensions and other grammar details as you write. Whether you are corrected or not is less important than the exercise of writing. go for it!

I agree with Steve: the content is much more important than some possible mistakes in the declention or the conjugation.
Just make up phrases!