I want to speak to native american english


please I want to speak to native american english to improve my pronounciation, any one can help me.my skype is basma.hakim2

thanks a lot

no reply why?

I am glad you have an interest in improving your ability to speak English.

For myself, I can say that I already have as many people as I can handle to teach English in exchange for friendship and some help with learning Korean.

Language exchange is an agreement between two people that both benefit from. If it is one-sided, than usually that is more paid tutoring. I’ve given many hours of free tutoring to people, because I enjoy helping people and made some good friends. You may be lucky enough to find someone else who similarly generous with their time. If they are interested in learning about your language, culture, and country, all the better.

Good luck in your search. Keep up your studies.

One person whom I do English tutoring for keeps telling me that it is rare to find someone who is a good language partner. I speak with him daily, transcribe our conversations, and correct his writing. It is a large commitment.


@basmahakim , you can also speak with a non-native speaker. There are a lot of people in this site wanting to have a conversation in English. Try to find people with same level you are in the language. Good luck!

hey i can help u on this :wink:

I’ll help!