I want to rephrase a sentence


Would you help me with the following sentence?

The basic sentence is “The only English music that I listen to is Beatles.”
If I begin it like “I only listen to Beatles…”, how can I finish?

I want to make it simpler without using that-clause.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

If you want to switch the sentence around, the best thing to say is “The Beatles are the only English music I listen to”.

In some contexts, you could say “In English, I only listen to the Beatles”. I imagine this being for if you were listing off the music you listen to in many different languages.

I wouldn’t say “I only listen to the Beatles in English” because that would mean that the Beatles sing in more than one language and you only listen to their English songs.

Thank you so much for your reply, Laura.
I understand that it is impossible to make this sentence without using that-clause.
Additional information about “in English” is good to know, too. I really appreciate it:D