I want to learn without fear of making mistakes

I live in Brazil,Amazon state, Presidente Figueiredo city, I don’t speak english, just some words, it’s time to learn…

I am afraid that making mistakes is an inherent part of learning something new, whether it be a language or something else. Just accept that and enjoy the process of learning and you will get far.

Fear is a state of mind. You can decide not to have any! You are not facing a lion, just words!


Day 89: Don't Worry About your Mistakes in Language Learning - YouTube - Watch this :slight_smile: Maybe? Steve talks about making mistakes in language learning.

Good link lyx! But JrRaimundo says:’ i don’t speak English, just some words’! So Steve’s video may be far too challenging for poor Raimundo (sorry for my assumptions!)

Quite possibly :slight_smile: But perhaps it will help him calm down a little - if Steve says not to worry about mistakes and admits to making them then we probably all do.

There’s always Google translate :slight_smile:

Todos nós cometemos erros - that’s Google translate Portuguese for: We all make mistakes. It could be total gibberish?

Fear of making mistakes is part of language learning. It’s how you react that makes a difference.

JrRaimundo has made the mistake of deleting his account D:

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With mistakes if learn…

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