I want to learn Korean but I don't read Hangul

Hello. I am taking the Korean course but all the words are written in hangul. I don’t read hangul so when I listen to the audio, I don’t know which is the word they are reading. Is there any lessons in romanized letters? If all the lessons are written in hangul I don’t see a way that I can learn anything. What can I do?

Hi, mayfair,

hangul is relatively easy to learn. You can start with this collection “Your First Steps”: Login - LingQ

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Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes:

Hangul isn’t that hard to learn anyway. You don’t have to memorise 2,000 characters. It’s important to start learning a language by learning the alphabet.

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ain’t that the truth! :slight_smile:

@Yvette - Oh yeah it is :slight_smile:

While you are learning Hangul, you can probably create your own Romanised versions of the lessons. Try Google translate.

I often do this with Japanese (I can’t read japanese fast enough to read along with an audio) and I put my versions of the lessons into Evernote so I can find them again later.