I want to improve my speaking and writing ability of english

i`m going to take the international english language test in july,i need band 6 of each

part(listening,speaking,reading,writing)but my speaking and writing ability is so young,i have no the confidence with it.

(╯﹏╰)what can i do???is there anyone who speak native english can help me with my oral english ?

I’ll answer the “what can i do” question.
Now that the test is only two months away, improving speaking and writing in general will not help. You need to do IELTS related practice.

IELTS speaking test has a particular format and range of contents, you need to find sample questions then have someone listen to you practising your responses and give you feedbacks. Getting familiar with the range of topics is a must: one needs to know what to say before one can practice how to say it!

In terms of writing, most topics offered here on Lingq are relevant, whether you are taking the academic or general test. Write then have it corrected by a tutor.

Well, I managed to pass the Cambridge First Certificate mainly by reading and listening a lot of stuff, several times each of them, a lot of time.

So, what you can do :

  1. pick up (here or elsewhere) something you can read and listen to and that interest you. Then, listen to it while reading it. Listen to it without reading it. Do that a lot of times, every day.
  2. Go to some forum, like this one, and answer to some subject or start new one.
  3. listen, listen the same stuff, over and over. Walk around the block (as would say Jim Rohn) while listening subjects of your interests.
  4. Do that, every day ; prepare in advance what you’re going to do the next day ; review your day, your week, etc…

In short, immerse yourself in the English language everyday, with no stress and with pleasure in mind.

Good luck !