I want to become an English tutor - any advice?

I’m taking an online certification course on http://www.teflonline.com

I want to become an English Tutor, can I get any advice?

I’ve got a pretty good comprehension of English and it comes second nature to me because I’ve been speaking it since age 10, it’s not my native language though.

Any help?


I’m not a tutor, but I do help others where I live.

When tutoring you need lots of patience, because your students can sometimes be very annoying.

Try talking to people in Israel, until you’ve been here and spoken to a few people you don’t know what annoying is. :slight_smile:

Oh. How annoying can they be?

If your students annoy you, you probably should not be teaching.


I was talking in general.

As for students, had one so far and he was ok.