I want to ad words in the vocabulary area with hints or examples sentences

I am back after a long time here in LingQ, but a lot of things have changed.
The case is, I want to learn French, because I need it more and more.
Now, I want to add my own words or sentence in the vocabulary area - it is OK, I can import them, BUT after save, the word disappear. It is imported, but I don’t have a possibility to write my hint or my sentences.
Can anyone help me?

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HI Irene :slight_smile:

I think if you import them via a table you prepare offline you have better control. You need a .csv file that you can create with any text editor. Each line stands for one term, the format to be used is hinted at at the bottom of the import form.

After importing the words one by one like you did, you can make use of the search tool the vocabulary section offers. Remove the filters by clicking “all” and you will find the word. Or (I think this will be more efficient) you can click “filter”, then “sort by”, then “date”, and you will find your imported terms on top of the table.

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Hi Diotallevi,
Thanks for your answer, but this solution isn’t satisfying!
In the meantime, I could find a this solution: First import - then search for it and edit. But do you really think that this is worthy of a program like LinnQ?? For each single word such a long way?? If you have a list, ok, then it could be a little bit better, but only a little!!
I am in LingQ from the very beginning and I helped to develop the German area (the first language you could learn here).
At that time, it was easy to import word by word and to create a sentence or a hint.
Why is that not longer possible? Why does they change?
I think in LingQ are a lot of thing they are much more difficult to program. I am convinced that many learners in LingQ would be happy to have a better, faster and mor logical vocabular import are.


" Why is that not longer possible?"

This is a question that occurs every time here. Why did we once have multiple playlists and now there is just one? Why can’t we edit lingqed words as we once could (your question from another thread)…?

Anyway. I think you missed something I said. You can import one by one and then sort your lingqs by entry date and, voilà, your latest entries appear as a list, ready to be edited. I don’t know why you can’t just enter complete lingq sets (term, hint, usage…) but just the terms. You’re right, the import words/phrases section of Lingq is very awkward and little practical!

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