I wanna polish my English. If wanna learn Portuguese, it would be awesome!

Hello everybody,

My name is Marcos. I am Brazilian and I looking for someone who can help me to improve my English speaking. If you are by chance learning Portuguese, we could help each other. By the way, my skype is : pz.alex. At moment I live in the Netherlands. Although I am speaking all the time, I still feel I need a native speaker to help me.



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Hi Marcos,
I’m an English speaking club member. Perhaps, you would like to join us.

I was born in England, if you don’t mind my British accent, I can teach you a bit via Skype. Here it is: markCarlT99. I’m learning French myself with https://hireessaywriter.org tutorials.

hey marcos i’m learning portuguese as well i can help you with english on skype if you don’t mind the time diference since you are in the netherlads tell me what you think