I translated "who is she" into Danish

Hi everyone.
Danish is not a supported language, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people have made efforts to gather material in order to get Danish added to LingQ. I took it upon myself to translate and record the “who is she” series into Danish.

You can find it here:

I plan on doing the mini-stories too (not all of them at once) or possible other things that people might be interested in.
I’m not a professional voice actor, but I did my best with the recordings. I hope it doesn’t seem too monotone :wink:
Would like to hear you guys’ opinions.



Very good job mate :smiley:

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Thank you!

That’s great! Where is the other content people are gathering? Do we have enough to meet the requirements. Or, perhaps if we’re close, we can add Danish as a beta language.

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I don’t know if other people have gathered more Danish content, but I have this as well as 5 mini stories. I plan to do a lot more mini stories, so it’ll probably add up to more than 2 hours worth of beginner material. Intermediate and advanced material might be easier to find online, but we’ll se. It could be fun to have Danish in beta, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

How are the mini stories going? I translated 10 Swedish stories, and it was much harder than I thought it would be! I think it was the particle verbs that were the most tiresome.

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I really admire your work,Thomas!

I got some family in Denmark, so I’m definitely not excluding Danish from the list of languages that I want to learn one day :slight_smile:

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Are you studying Danish and Swedish at the same time? Doesn’t that get confusing?
I’ve translated the next 3 so far. Will do the last two for the new batch soon enough and then go look at the recordings! I’m glad to hear that you’re using them!

Thank you Niek! Where are you from? I think that Danish has got a lot of similarities with Dutch (If I’m guessing correct that you’re from the Netherlands!)

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I just started with it, and there’s no confusion when it comes to writing. I’ve been taking Swedish classes for some years, and the time I spent learning its grammar has paid off in spades when it comes to Danish. But I am out of my depth in the spoken language. It’s very difficult to not fall back into Swedish.

Yes I am :slight_smile:

Because of the fact that I am a Dutch native speaker and I know a bit of Swedish aswell, it is not too difficult to puzzle out what my Danish relatives are posting on facebook.

But spoken Danish on the other hand seems more difficult to understand than Swedish and Norwegian for example.

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I don’t know man, swedish is pretty brutal. Those sounds of swedish speakers are very far removed from what they look like in written form.

How similar are Norwegian and Danish? I wanted to learn Norwegian but I am finding their tv shows to be as boring as it gets. It would be nice to eventually learn both. My Danish friend said she can understand both Swedish and Norwegian fine.