I think the work would be interesting

I think the work would be interesting - and also very rewarding.
When you see people making progress, you get a sense of doing something worthwhile.
I think I’d do well working with sick children because I love kids and get along really well with them.
The thing I wouldn’t like would be shift work. Sometimes you’d have to work all night.


  1. There are many "would"s used in this short paragraph.
    Is it like hypothesis? Like if clause (if I were you, I would…)? Like imagined situations?

  2. “get a sense of doing something” is a phrase? When do you usually use it?

  3. I don’t quite understand what the difference between worthwhile and worth or worthy is.

Thank you!!!

  1. “Would” is the hypothetical tense of “will”. The reason it is used so much here is just the writing style. It is like the example you gave. Since you are presenting a hypothetical situation by stating “if I were you” than “would” is used in place of “will”

  2. It just means that you can feel like you are doing something meaningful or worth your time. It is not really a phrase it is just a regular statement.
    “get a sense” means “to gain an understanding of”
    “doing something worthwhile” means “performing an action or activity that is worthwhile”

  3. worthwhile basically just means “worth your time” it is also used sometimes when explaining that something a benefit to someone, yourself or society.

worth= value
worthy= if something has enough value(worth) to justify its cost (a measure of cost to value) it is also used for credentials.
ex. A good employee is worthy of a pay raise.
A skilled athlete/sports team is worthy to compete in the championship.

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