I think that I am not improving my English skills

Hello, everyone, I am studying English a long time ago, but last 8 months I come studying very much. But now I am feeling down because I think that I am not improving ( I listen very well, but I am not speaking so often). I do not want to stop studying, any idea how I can improve more my English?

Language studying is an interesting but very long process, and we sometimes feel that we hardly have any progress. However, if you continue your attemts, so one day you feel again that you can understand and even speak your target language better than several months ago.
What can help to be not so frustrated:

  1. Don’t try to read and listen only difficult podcasts, mix them with some easier podcasts or even lessons you had read before.
  2. Try to retell some podcasts to yorself, that can help you be more ready to a real conversation.
  3. Include some entertainments in your study - some songs, some films and clips - you can find a lot of them in YouTube.
    Good luck!

Thank you very much for that reply and for the information about language learning.