I refuse to participate in the 90-Day German Challenge, please remove me

Hi, I wanted to leave this Challenge, but unfortunately, there is no such option available.

Dear Admins, could you please remove me from:
90-Day German Challenge
Starts 2019-07-01 Finishes 2019-09-29

The reason is that I do not like the way Challenge works.


I also don’t spend much time listening, but even if i did, i’d probably use other online resources for that.

Anyone could just mark thousands of words as known if they please, it’s up to them if their method works or not.

The whole goal of the challenges is to motivate you even more by giving you a sense of competition, if you see someone not using LingQ in an honest way you can just pretend they are not in the challenge. I agree it is discouraging, but in the end, we are doing this for ourselves to achieve our own goals.

Another dead giveaway in that image is the number of known words compared to lingqs, i tend to have 3x more lingqs than knowns, at least in the last week, but having 6x more knowns than lingqs that person must have super human memory.


Whoa, your Activity Score is 30129! How did you do this?
(Probably this is because of you reading 100 thousand words last week. I also started to read much more recently and see my progress in the language skyrocketed)
update: I continue to update kevindevos’s points in this post :slight_smile: @kevindevos - you’re doing great!


I know on the website there’s a button to leave a challenge from the challenges menu. Not sure about the phone application.

I agree to some extent with the frustrations. I’m signed up for several challenges at once and I noticed within the space of an hour some people could gain thousands of coins. I have no idea how anyone could go that fast unless they’re already fluent or just clicking everything quickly as known.

Also, the Chinese and Japanese challenges seem a bit overtuned compared to the others, as learning the characters for a word is significantly harder than for a language with an alphabet. For the same time investment, the coin return is much lower for those two than say Norwegian or Finnish.

But, despite this, I find the challenges to be a fun little competition-either with yourself or others-that adds a bit of extra motivation. I wish it was available for Serbian right now. I’ll probably have to wait until the next set to start that one, along with Georgian when that comes out.


I hate any kind of challenges!
I think that the best thing of the site lingq.com is just that everybody can choose a language or several languages which he/she would like to learn but also to choose the pace of the advance without a stupid, childish, breakneck speed only to obtain the vain purpose to be the first!!!


Hi Evgueny,

Thanks for the comment!
I’d like to note that people are all different. For competitive individuals like myself Challenges serve as an excellent learning tool. Sure, I’m studying German intensively with or without those Challenges, but competition is an abundant source of additional motivation and fun. That’s just a tool, why on earth would you hate a tool?

I completely agree with you that everyone is better to just advance in the language of choice “without a stupid, childish, breakneck speed only to obtain the vain purpose to be the first”. But at the same time, I believe that competition is a powerful motivator. “The dose makes the poison”.


Yes, i got a bit excited reading the harry potter books, and i’m off uni so i have loads of time.
I don’t know how the score works, but it just keeps going up and up.

I do believe that mass reading will help tremendously, just have to keep it up and see how it goes after a couple of books.


are you mad that ahowie is wiping the floor with you?


Haha, do you like being screwed over? But really, I clarified my approach to challenges in the post above, please read first.

OHhhhhh Blyat come at me bro

I have had similar issues when competing before, but usually you will beat those people* over the 3 month period as they are very unlikely to stay consistent over 3 months in most cases and even if they do, the initial burst will be (mostly) watered out.

*by “those people” I mean people who just started learning a new language on LingQ with a decent amount of prior knowledge of it and who can therefore add tons of known words in the initial week or so.


’Refuse to’ sounds as if someone is forcing you to do the challenge… I just pressed the ‘‘Leave the challenge’’ button under the badge on the left and voila… hope it also works for you : D

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Sure, but this option is only available for the first month of the challenge. :slight_smile:


Oh wow… that’s really unpleasant to say the least…
Sorry for the misunderstanding (I’m new here)
I didn’t even read that part when I applied last…

I wonder why anything should be obligatory on any language website…
Did you have to pay for it? :fearful:

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@SergeyFM I removed you from that challenge.


It also depends on where that person started. I needed a month for 6000 words in French and I could have been faster - but I’ve learned it at school for 5 years and have always kept in touch afterwards.


Yes that is true

Agree, pre-knowledge of the language is certainly fairer than blunt cheating. Though you’re getting a head start in the race, not sure it is fair.

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Hi Evgueny, to be honest, I need that breakneck speed even to reach the goal at the end of the period when I am participating in the 23751 coin challenge. To be really honest, I never even reached that goal :wink: The hard core challenges are too difficult, too.
To reach those goals I would have to lower my standards of determining when a word is really considered known and of how I would like to create a LingQ. I am not ready for this.

The easy kind of 5 goal challenge you can take at the beginning of a language was something I could achieve, I would wish for the challenge designer to give me more of them, but in the intermediate range, they don’t exist.

I don’t “hate” the existing challenges, though. I do participate in them, and they still are a motivator for me even without reaching the official goals. I just have to be careful not to change my style according to what the challenges lead me to do :wink:

“the best thing of the site lingq.com is just that everybody can choose a language or several languages which he/she would like to learn but also to choose the pace of the advance”
I agree completely!


Well lowering standards is never a valid option. What is a valid option is reading more.