I quit my spanish classes in México

I have been in México for almost 3 months. In 2 weeks I return to the United States. In three months I learned a lot. A lot about how not to learn a language! I am happy that I have found lingQ because it has helped me to relax and to learn words and the language of Spanish naturally. Before I was putting so much pressure on myself. I was stressed out everyday and comparing myself with students. On top of all that the clases were hell. Grammar and what not. Also I wonder how affective a teacher can be if they have never become fluent in another language…

All this being said, I told the school that I do not want the classes anymore because I learn better on my own with books, music, and casual conversation on the streets. I think my experience is a testament to the fact that you have to do what is right and fun for your own language learning experience. I am so glad I quit my clases! Also it is important to say that you do not NEED classes. I wasted a lot of money on a immersion program here. The good new is that I have never given up and have learned from my mistakes. Part of all this is trial and error. You have to make a lot of mistakes to find your way. So be easy on yourself, relax, have fun, make mistakes, and forget the classes (and grammar in my opinion). Have a good day or night.

Thank you LingoSteve for all your wisdom on Youtube. You have helped me relax and learn a lot.


I wish this system would allow me to give roses from within the forum. I shall hop over to your wall and send you one from there. It will be inspiring to many to read how you took charge of your own learning. You seem to be the embodiment of an independent learner. Classes work for some, but as you said, it depends on so many things. You have made the best out of a mediocre situation!


I had situations like that once it unfortunately turned me off from the language but I started learning another language and i’m really enjoying myself some people just can’t teach

Thank you, I appreciate it! It is so true, you gotta do what is right for yourself. And it has to be fun

I learnt this same lesson three years ago in Salamanca, Spain. The first and last time I will waste so much money on an intensive language course. We’ve found a better way… :wink:


Hello SanneT,

I was able to give a rose to usmcgordonce just now. Has anyone else experienced this issue today?

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usmcgordonce, we’re happy to hear you’re learning from Steve’s channel and LingQ! Enjoying the learning process is key for people like myself as well!

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Gracias, it is important

Yes we have

So true. I think we can be our best teachers

Motivation is key. Sometimes schools motivate learners, sometimes they discourage learners. If the student takes responsibility for his or her learning, all kinds of opportunities and ways to learn open up. Good for you.

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I just gave you a rose Sanne! Make sure you put it in a vase with some water.


I am skeptical of intensive courses. The most I would spend in a language classroom is 3 hours a day, and only in a one on one situation. Otherwise 5 hours a week of class time are more than enough. I need the time to learn, on my own of course.

It’s very unlikely someone will learn a language just by going to class. There just isn’t enough time spent in school for one thing. And some schools are definitely better than others. That being said, I encourage you not to make such an effort telling people how useless it was. Chances are that you got a lot out of it, probably much more than if you spent 100% of your time in self-study. Maybe at some point this will sink in.

Colt, I encourage you to express yourself as you wish and to share your experiences on this forum.

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This seems to be a localised problem, restricted to the forum. It must have something to do with the privacy or security settings of the desktop and the notebook I use. I have tried IE, although I normally use FF, both latest versions, on Windows 10 (7 for the notebook). The other day I managed to send a rose, a single rose, from the desktop after having cleared the cache. But even that doesn’t help any longer.

I have no problems giving roses from within the profile page of the respective recipients.

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I wish I could return the favour; but then, you are bound to have a whole rose garden by now. One little unsent rose won’t affect the splendour of the display, I should think.

I have described the problem to Kiran in the reply above.

Exactly, I was spending 6 hours a day. Independent learning is so vital to getting somewhere in the language. For me at least. Thank you steve.

Thanks Steve, trying to genuine with my experience. Not trying to make clases the devil but in my experience and obviously in so many others, clases can hold one back from making significant improvement. I did learn in my clases but I learn so much more efficiently on my own and through input.

It is true. I have made so many friends by taking charge of my learning experience. I have had so much fun and am learning the language naturally (with lots of mistakes of course, and that is okay). I have seen other students become almost robotic and overly obedient to the learning process through the school… I want to show them there is another way so that they do not quit.