I Phone

Hi !
I am so curious…I don’t have any I phone, but I would like to know how looks like LingQ on an I phone. Does someone could make a video, please?

Hi Cecile,

You can see some screenshots and how it works here, Using LingQ for iOS.

The number of Android users increase every year. Do you have a plan to make LingQ Android version? Member will have more choice to buy a new phone.

We will eventually but I cannot tell you when redeian.

It really looks excellent on the iPod/iPhone. Especially now that you can see the transcript and stream the audio!

Thanks Mark ! ! !
But does someone could do a video while using it? :wink:

Here you go, Cecile, Using iLingQ, LingQ iPhone App - YouTube. A video of me using the app on an iPhone simulator. My mouse is simulating the touch screen tapping.

“I am not interested in learning languages with an iPhone. But some people might be interested. Using iLingQ, LingQ iPhone App - YouTube #LingQ #iPhone #ESL

At Twitter, you can use a “Hashtag” with the word “LingQ.”