I passed my DELF B1

Hi All

I trust everyone is well! :wink:

Sorry not been around much lately, but I have had my head down studying. I am pleased to say it was worth it cause I have now passed my B1 - I am a little surprised because I am still not confident with my own ability to use the language. But I guess that comes with time.

I am wondering if any of you have done the B2 test? I am wondering what would be best.

Should I carry on with my B2 studies now and take the test in May or do you think the jump from B1 to B2 is a huge on?

I’ve had there is a big difference from the B1 to the B2.

I’d be interested in hearing people’s experience on this.

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libellule, congratulations!

I am planning to take the DELF test too. I did some DELF mock exams, and found A2 too easy and B1 a bit difficult. Maybe later this year, or next year. Did you find the test difficult?


In searching the forum, I found that user dillemme passed the DELF B2. Maybe you can write on his wall if he doesn’t respond here.

Also user Alexpatru planned to take the DELF B1 November 2011, so maybe he is on the same path as you.


I took the B2 test in 2007. Although I was not also confident with my own ability, I had passed my B2. I wanted to take DALF the following year, but I did not because I realized that there were many things to do before taking C1.

Well, the difference between DELF B1 and B2 is not so big. Only thing, in my view, is the number of words of each text appeared in Listening or Reading section. The topic of speaking called “Le sujet” of B2 is not so complex compared with that of B1 . But il will be better to speak as clearly as possible in front of juries.

Thanks for the replies all!
@hape - I didn’t find the test as hard as I thought I would to be honest. What I find a little difficult is the listening test where there is a recording played and you then you have two parts to complete - a tick box questionnaire and then a written response - for me it is just having to remember what was being said and then rewrite it. But the actual test was fairly easy. Also the writting section was also ok as the scenerio given was fairly basic. Go for it you may be suprised! :slight_smile:

@abyee77 - thanks for the leads :slight_smile: dillemme has indeed replied! Thanks

@dillemme - thanks for that, feel a little less concerned! I guess my ability will progress as the content does also. I have also been thinking about doing the C’s - but I guess for me baby steps first and then work towards this for the future. I have only started learning french since Feb of last year and have now taken my A1, A2, B1 - B2 I plan to take in May. So I think 1.5 years to intermediate is pretty good going :wink: