I never hear about german music

Ich weiß schon ‘‘Alles Neu’’,seite nike spot im 2010.- YouTube Ich höre gern viele Arten von Musik,elektronische Musik auch.Ich wussche einige Gruppen der elektronischen Musik,aber ich erinnere mich nicht Ihren namen.Diese
diskussion wird interessant.

Thanks for all.

Gotta few more here, hope they aren’t too obvious. I’m back in my folks house for Xmas and have absolutely feck all to do so I’m gonna melt a few heads with some tunes, hopefully this brings out a few of the younger Lingq heads from hiding.

May as well spread a bit of German hued cheer!

This is, was huge, you have probably heard it. I honestly think Seed generally are crap and the idea of German reggae isn’t exactly enticing but this isn’t reggae and is actually a wee bit of a tune, better on a decent soundsystem.

Seed - Ding

I’m a massive hiphop fan and whatever that dude said about not listening to hiphop because it may offend is nonsense. It’s not all guns and bitches and this wee tune from Absolute Beginners sums that up. It’s frankly one of the best hh tunes I have ever heard no matter the language, up there with the best and very reminiscent of Saian Supa Crew (for your Franzoisich hh heads!) back in their hayday.

“Fuchs muss tun was ein fuchs tun muss!”

Straight out of the '98, pure beats and melody, sounds unreal on a decent system due to beautiful low end production. Check this out!

Absolute Beginners - Fuchse

Heard to put into words how influential this tune was on techno/electro a few years back, almost single handedly spawned Fischerspooner and the whole electroclash thing. Smoky, entirely sexy, it pretty much grabs you by the throat and forces you to dance. Beats on this one by Felix da Housecat but the almost computer vox by Frances Miss Kitten make it what is. Sung in English, this though is the sound of Germany :slight_smile:

Miss Kitten - Silver Screen Shower Scene

This one is Bolz Bolz, German producer with Remix duties by Englands and Leftfields Paul Daley. A pure stinker and almost sums up why Germany excels at dance music. Rhythmic, paced melodic it packs a punch but always takes a step back and allows itself to build. Disturbingly good.

Bolz Bolz - Take A Walk (Paul Daley’s Drunken Bass Rmx)

A beautiful song, chanson style by the great Freddy Quinn. Don’t worry about those slightly dubious records he put out by the great German experiment in Namibia, this was the man at the height at his powers. Yes, we all know Brel etc did this better in French but this is great 60’s production and a beautiful sentiment as well.

Freddy Quinn - Komm Bald Wieder

Relentless relentless relentless. Sums up Frankfurts biggest producer, in terms of sales and the fact he’s a bit of a muscleman. Don’t let the self absorption put you off Chris is a great guy! This is rolling techno that builds until the block is either dead, or dancing. Boom.

Chris Liebing - American Madness

Beautifully tuneful, with an ear for the more melancholic side of vocal future house. Moderat pretty much shows us how long players should exist in 2012. Beautifully building, dark and secretive. A showcase song from a showcase artist.

Moderat - Rusty Nails

Not sure if this was really released, again this is dance music which I will probably only be dealing with so I guess if you want schlagers or “german popular music” from my posts you may be disappointed. Lets face it, Deutschland comes into its own in the nightclub but this doesn’t mean you have to be a on drugs or into the beats to get this music. This song is as haunting as any Johnny Cash ballad to me, it has the hi hats, it has ‘pep’ but you almost feel to dance to or to celebrate would do it a disservice.
One that sneaks up on you.

Schatrax - Misspent Years

This is something that is what it is. It’s as old as the hills, the remix is by an Englishman but this is still an assault on the senses 8 years later. Earplugs bitte, it will get you kicked you out of your Wohnung.

Alter Ego - Rocker (Erol Alkan Rmx)