I need your help

hello every body

who can give themes about linguistics for my dirssertation
why not your advice

no one want to give me a hand…

no one want to give me a hand…

Hi Dialout27,

I can give you an idea: Foreign languages for babies or Bilingual babies. How to approach ? Experience of bilingual families and etc. From my point of view it can be interesting not only from linguistic point of view but for practical use as well. At list I would like to start with my granddaughter.

We could discuss it more if you like.

Good luck,


What kind of Linguistics do you like? Semantics? Phonology? Morphology? Syntax? Discourse? Psycholinguistics? Neurolinguistics? Lexicon studies? Applied Linguistics? There are hundreds of kinds of subjects in any one of these areas… You should start by choosing the big area…

What about generative grammar? :stuck_out_tongue: