I need to freeze my streak

Hello, I have to go on an expedition where I won’t have access to the internet for at least 5 days. Is there a way I can freeze my streak? Or can I just pay to restore it after said days? I don’ think I can, from my experience I can only restore it withing the next 24 hours after I lose it, longer than that it is not possible. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!

Far be it from me to tell you what to care about, but if you’re freezing streaks, is it a streak anymore? Isn’t this kinda like saying I never miss a day at work, but I miss days all the time and just pretend I didn’t? Can you really be proud of maintaining your streak when you, in fact, are not maintaining your streak? Like, to be completely honest, you will not be studying on LingQ for those 5 days. So you will no longer be on a streak. The “days since I last studied” will be 5. “Days I have studied in a row” will be 0.


It’s not possible to freeze the streak or have it repaired if you had more than 1 day break.

Expedition is winning the first approach to the battle for now.

Will the General be able to counterattack and find another solution? Or eventually they will listen to the guru saying that there are things we can’t control in life and we need to learn to let go.

For now:

Expedition - Streak: 1 - 0

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