I need someone to explain me what are courses and what are playlists

Hello. My name is Nina and I’m here to study French from scratch and to improve my English. I want to know the difference between courses and playlists which are in the library and I want someone to give me a description of them. By the way, I am not completely new, I was here a year ago, and I was surprised to see that Lingq changed completely, so it’s a little hard for me to navigate on this website.


The content provider decides which lessons he / she puts together in one course.


Every LingQ member can create playlists by adding lessons of other content providers in one playlist.

To give an example:

Evgueny as the content provider has created podcasts about Russian history.

I created a playlist about Russian history by adding Evgueny’s lessons about this topic. So I am the creator of the playlist but not the author of its lessons. I could as well have put lessons created by different content providers in one playlist.

Is the difference understandable now?


Yes. Thank you very much!