I need help

hi, I live in Wembley-London Im 44years old the nacionality brazilian.I need practice and improve a lot. I studied by intermediet course but not finished i have difficult to write and pronunce I am new in this blog can you help me?,

Hi mar,
welcome here in LingQ.

It is a little difficult to give an answer of a question like “can you help me”.
I think there are a lot of descriptions how LingQ works and what you should do at first.
You told us nothing about the Language you want to learn or the level you have.

Fundamentally, look at the library and chose an article out of an area that interested you.
Listen to, more often, read it, download it and listen again, then save unknown words (LingQ’s) - review them.
These LingQ’s are coming daily on your PC for review.

When you listen to, stop the loudspeaker or MP3 player and try to speak loud.
Or, when you are on the PC, read a part out loud and listen to the native speaker after that.

This is a way to improve your pronunciation.
Write about the topic you have read or another you want to and send it to a tutor for correction.
Then look for a 1:1 conversation with a tutor. It is the best way for learning speaking and understanding.

To this time It is better to be a paying-member, because you need points for your activitiy and they are cheaper for a member.

Read the helps you will find again and again in LingQ!

the problems is that i dont know how use this links. the lenguage that i want to learn is

I don’t know your level in English but perhaps it is enough for using this page:

If it is not good enough go to the setting point on the right corner and change in the language you are able to understand best (Spanish??) - after that the headlines are in this language and you can go to the same link I gave you before here on this thread.

I hope I could help you (I am an English learner too, I don’t know if I could describe in right words:-)

thanks. im elementary inglish learn