I need help with some french grammar

In the books, they say à + le = au and à + les = aux… Does au and aux mean to? For example… Je vais au le cinéma… since au is masculine… I should use it in this sentence. Could anyone explain what does this mean? Does these words translate “to”?

And I don’t understand de + le = du … de + les = des… How would I use these in a sentences?

Thank you


“Au” and its plural “Aux” mean “to the”. We don’t say “Je vais à le cinéma” but “Je vais au cinéma”.
Note that “au” only replaces à + le and not à + la. We say “Je vais à la piscine” (I go to the swimming pool).

However “aux” goes with both masculine and feminine. You could say “Je vais aux cinémas, je vais aux piscines”.

Same thing for de + le.
Je veux du pain. Je veux de la tarte.

“Des” is the plural of “un/une” and not of “du”.
Je veux du gâteau (I want some cake). Je veux des gâteaux (I want cakes).
Un chien, des chiens. Une vache, des vaches.

Hope this helps, with enough reading/listening it’ll become clearer.

Thank you, it makes sense to me.