I need help with English

Hello, my name is Tihana. I’m looking for someone who can help me with English. For begin we can chat and write. I’ll write and you can correct me. I’m from Croatia and working in NGO with startups. If you want something know about them I can tell you.

Thanks a lot!


HELLO HOW Are you?

you write very well.

i need learn talk english and japanese.

I would love to correct your writing, especially if you send it by “exchange” on this site.

"When you submit your request you will be able to choose a specific tutor or make your post open to all correctors. "

Generally speaking, ‘open’ requests are likely to lead you to a difficult situation. I suggest that you choose a native tutor beforehand. As some tutors are more ‘native’ than others, you should choose your best tutor. (I think that Jsousa’s comment is very useful for Ling members who are interested in Writing Correction.)