I need help in understanding this word in this passage

I have been reading a political book and this passage came up:

Moreover, ISIS, having learned from their predecessor’s mistakes, has fully co-opted a majority, nearly all, Sunni tribes in Anbar. How? ISIS shares revenues from its oil smuggling operations with the tribes living within their controlled territory. Even more Machiavellian, ISIS has successfully implemented a divide-and-rule strategy by bribing key figures within each respective tribe. Weiss and Hassan explain how “one tribal figure from Albu Kamal explained how ISIS deftly uses this generational-political divide in one prominent family months before it had even established any presence in the area.” The tribal figure told them, “They [ISIS] are giving a portion of an oil well in the area. They know that if they are to be eradicated in our area, who would be able to rally up people around him? Most of the other tribes in our area have no leadership; we have leadership; we have leadership and influence. They give him money, they protect him and consult with him on everything. The other option is, they would assassinate him.”

What does “generational-political divide” mean?
Does it mean generating divide, or generation = all of the people born and living at about the same time?

Thank you guys

First, this is an awkwardly worded academic book, or at least Weiss and Hassan’s book is.

the sentence is referring to ISIS’s ability to exploit the generational and political divides within tribes and families by, namely, bribing the conquered (or soon to be conquered) members of those tribes/families.

it means there is a political divide between the different generations. it’s referring to generations of people - grandparents are one generation, parents are one generation, children are another generation.

the generational political divide means that the older generations of people and the younger generations of people are on opposite sides of political issues or follow opposing political parties. for example, the generational political divide in the United States is that older generations tend to vote Republican while younger generations tend to vote Democratic.