I need help finding my Kindle books in my ipad via my PC on itunes

Is my thread title confusing? Well, that’s about how I feel right now. Full disclosure. I’m not tech savvy. And I need help.

I emailed Lingq’s support staff but it’s the weekend and I’m hoping they are off enjoying themselves. However, if I don’t get this figured out, I’ll be too busy during the week to do it.

Here’s the deal. I’m new here. Hello. My name is Elizabeth. I’m low intermediate and want to use Lingq to read all my books in French. I’m excited about it and ready to go except that I can’t find my books to convert. Lingq sent me a blog link with instructions. I followed them and here’s where I am in the process: stuck!

I’ve just spent over 4 hours trying to figure this out. I downloaded Calibre to my PC and have figured out how to download and convert a book from my PC files to a lesson.

However, I’m having no luck when attempting to find my books via my kindle on my ipad. I’ve followed all the directions given with google. I can connect my ipad to my PC. I can see my ipad in my itunes on my PC but there are no books in my itunes (which was expected) and there are no books in my Kindle app when looking at it through my itunes on my PC (which is strange because I have 4 books on my Kindle which is on my ipad at the moment).

I’d really like to be able to transfer my kindle books to my pc and then to Lingq as reading is my top priority for using the Lingq app. Is there someone that can walk me through this process? Google search is not helping.

Thanks so much.

Hi Elizabeth,

Did you buy the books that are on your kindle on Amazon? In that case, you cannot copy them into the LingQ due to copyright restrictions. If that’s not the case, plug your kindle to your PC directly with a USB cable without using any of the Apple stuff. When you go into the folder of the Kindle, you can see your books which might be in different formats, but most likely with .mobi filename extension. Copy those files into your computer, and open them with a mobi-reader program (I haven’t tried it, but a quick Google search gave me this: For Windows – FBReader). If you succeed opening your .mobi files in your PC, then selecting and copying the text manually, voilà. You can import it to LingQ.

Hi Elizabeth,
I suppose that you bought your ebooks at Amazon, in the kindle format… You should be able to read them not only on your kindle and on your iPad, but also on your PC. If you want to import the books into Calibre, you will have to remove the DRM. See this website: Best eBook Converter, Convert + Decrypt eBooks for reading anywhere.. After removing the DRM and importing the ebooks into Calibre, you can convert them to a format that LINGQ accepts, e.g. WORD. Please let us know if you succeed or if you still have problems.

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Thanks, Aydin. I prefer not going through iTunes app. When I do as you suggest, I only see photos. I’m in “This PC: Apple Ipad: Internal Storage”. I don’t know where else to go to find my Kindle files as I don’t see a Kindle folder. How do I find them?

Thank you, Ben. This looks like the second step I need to take. I appreciate the link suggestion as it will save me time in searching. I am still having problems with the first step which is finding my Kindle book files on my PC once I hook up my ipad to it. I’m in “This PC: Apple Ipad: Internal Storage”. I don’t know where else to go to find my Kindle files as I don’t see a Kindle folder. How do I find them?

OK Elizabeth,
I understand that you want to see your kindle files that are on your iPad by trying to look on your PC into your iPad. I don’t think that that is possible. The Apple system does not “let you in”.
But I think that the kindle files that you bought could be on your PC. Do you have the “Kindle for PC” app? If you don’t have it, go to Amazon.com and download it. Once you have this app, you can download to your PC all the kindle books that you bought. And then, in some way, it should be possible to see your kindle files on your PC.

UPDATE: I downloaded the Kindle app to my PC and then was able to change my ebooks easily. Thanks SO much for your help, Aydin & Ben! I’m so excited to start reading with lingq. It really saves my hand from cramping while writing words for my growing vocab.

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Thanks so much, Ben. I read your latest reply a little too late but managed to do just that. Whew! Glad to be able to get to reading now. I’m not C2 fluent in computer. :slight_smile: