I need again an explanation about the Plus + behind the words

I read the + behind words shows me priority LingQs - Is priority the same meaning as important?

On another place I read 25 words can have this + sign. Is that correct?
Who choose these words and of cause what?
I cannot select the words with + singn and so I cannot understand what that could help me.

I see the + behind words with one star - why is the word now a priority LingQ?

For me it’s a little confusing perhaps only for not understanding.

I interpret the + as priority LingQs, those that seem to be important based on your (active?) content. A word may have only one star (*) but is still considered a priority LingQ due to the above mentioned reason. Other words may have more stars (I assume the importance is based on the overall content at the website) but are not priotized.

The + does identify a word as a Priority LingQ. This means that it is one of the 25 most important or most frequently occurring words you have saved. The importance or frequency is based on the number of occurrences of that word in all the content in our system. Therefore, your Priority LingQs list should contain the first 25 words you see in your Vocabulary list when you sort by importance.

Today I saved new words and one of them got the + and had status 1-new.
When I sort by importance at first I have a lot of pages with 4-known status.

In my understanding we should have by sort of importance at first the unknown words and not status 4-known and those with +

sorry I would say:

by importanse we should have the importants unknown words and those with + and not those with status 4-known at first

That’s true. We will have this eventually. Please be patient.

However, those with + should be the same as on the start page (Priority LingQs), so it shouldn’t be to hard to check the knowledge of those words.

yes jeff - I saw now that the words on the start page are words with +
Only I am working more with “sorted by” because I like more to save phrases or more then 1 wor.
These I cannot have on the start page, only by selection on vocabulary.
Therefore my want would be to have more possibilities for selection i.e. importance + the wanted Status
or Status + selection which status

I think we will have here more possibilities in the future (when I understood Mark correct)
I only would give you an explanation for my wishes:-)