I need a new mp3 player

which mp3 player do you use and what options are important ?

I think a long battery life, and the ability to resume from where you have stopped the last time, are among the requirements, if your goal is to listen to long audio books, rather than shuffle the short songs. The storage capacity of MP3 seems to me less important, usually all modern models keep no less than 10 hours of sound.

Also, some of my audiobooks are from the company Audible.com, that means my player must play the AA format. Far from all MP3 players play it.

My first relatively inexpensive player was Zen V from Creative. I had to throw it away after two years, because its battery began to die after 20 minutes of work. So, recently I bought a more expensive sansaClip+ from SanDisk, (4 GB of the storage) for about $80. Both the models met my criteria. Though I don’t know how long the (rechargable) battery of the sansaClip will hold.

I consciously left aside the very popular ipod models, as too expensive but having similar functionality for my purposes. I know Steve likes ipods, and even know one small related secret. ( Wasn’t it he who declared a war to privacy on this convivial community? -:slight_smile:

A month ago, after I have already preferred my new Sansa to ipods for the second time, I found that I could download online a lot of commercially sold audiobooks, for free, from my Toronto library. However, for some funny reason, the programmers hired by the library, have not made it possible to play the library audiobooks on the ipods. But these books can play just fine on my sansaClip and many other Mp3 players !.

So in conclusion,take into consideration the formats of the audiobooks you will have (if you are going to play the books) and make sure that your player tackles them. The audio books from Librovox are on Ogg Vorbis, if I am not mistaken. Also, be aware of possible incompatibility of your player with your computer. Some older players, for example, have problems with Windows 7.

Canadian and American shops usually allow us to return what we have bought during two weeks since the purchase. If it is the same in your place, I would prefer to go to, though a bit more expensive, a brick-and-wood shop, rather than an Internet shop, as you can immediately see the player and return it easier if it disappoints you.

As IIya_L have said, Long battery life is one thing that you should consider. Iphone, and Ipod touch can run LingQ for IPhone version. It means you can use LingQ more comfortable (I guess). You can seek audio files easily with large screen and sensitive touch screen.

If you think you don’t want to carry many gadgets with you everytime when you go out. There are a lot more gadgets that can play Mp3 files such as mobile phone these days, GPS navigator, portable game, etc.

For me I use PSP(PlayStation portable). I like to play video games during I’m wait for the bus. I can play mp3 and some movie formats like mp4, large screens. It’s great if I download video from TED.com or movies. I can change memory cards if it has insufficient space. Long batter life. It’s fit to my life style.

In the end the final decision should be from yourself. The MP3 player you buy will belong to you for a long time. You must make sure that it best for you.

My Creative Zen Mosaic mp3 player has two important features for me:

  1. I can operate it with one hand, without even taking it out of my pocket (I spend a lot of time holding the hand of a small child)
  2. I can operate it in the dark, with my eyes shut (I am an insomniac).

I fancy an iPod but they look fiddly to use.

I have the ipod 60GB version because I wanted to be able to carry my entire music collection with me. I doubt you can operate it in the dark. I don’t need any smartphone and have never been interested in the iPhone and the likes.


Players that do not start from where they stop ? Does that things exist ? Even my current player do it. And my current player is verrrrrrry basic. For example if I copy a group of files they do not play in the good order - to make the files play in the good order I have to copy all the files one by one.

When I have a long files, I prefer to divide it in shorter parts - so I can repeat a short part for understanding/learning - if I want to listen to the all thing -all the parts need to play in the good order. The basic that I use now do not have a repeat option. But I am able to make it repeat with 2 clicks from one hand in the dark…

All the audio books I got from librivox are in mp3 but maybe some books available there are not in mp3

Not the first time I hear or read about compatibility problems. Do mp3s are not all mp3 ?

My Creative Zen die from “no ending rebuilding library” - reset procedure fail too.


How do the “gadgets” work with mp3 ? Do they have the repeat option and the ability to search or sort on different sorting index ? I mean since the gadget first goal is not listening to mp3 maybe some of those have very basic options ?

About iphone I am wondering if those are able to play mp3 without a phone card or when there is no phone network ? I know my verrrrrry old mobile phone does not open if the phone card is not in.

Iphone and smartphone ? how to choose the mark, the model, the outside color, the phone operator ? the mobile internet access contract ? too difficult for my small brain full of vocabulary - all my lingq are in my brain.

@ Pierre, who wrote: “Players that do not start from where they stop ? Does that things exist ?”

I meant from where the players is paused before you switch its power off. The old ones would play all sorts of nasty tricks to the young oners. The users who operate them at night, are you sure they are not rebuilding your library in the dark?

It simply loops for hours -displaying “rebuilding library” or something - I do not even try to open it anymore - neither in light nor in dark.

Maybe my basic one is not that old because it starts where it stops the last time but no repeat, no searching / sorting option.

Thank you for all your comments.

I tend to buy korean products for some reason ( not because my wife is korean or because i study korean). I just think its a good alternative to the mainstream expensive popular american brands like Apple or microsoft ect…

If i were to recommend any one in particular I like Cowon brand. http://www.cowonglobal.com/ nice designs and interfaces . affordable and many models to pick from!

ha ha, I said, in case you don’t want to bring to many electronic devices. You have a choice to buy phone that can play mp3 format files, and leave your old phone at home. Most gadgets provide basic functions for listening audio files such as random, sort, repeat. If you only want MP3 player, only buy it, that’s excellent. Some places that don’t have any phone signal are not a problem. You can do everything except calling. Anyways, I didn’t tell you to buy new phone only to listen to mp3 files as using a phone without SIM card. :slight_smile:

If you don’t really want to use phone function such as calling anymore, mobile phone these days can be run in flight mode. It means you can do anything but calling and receiving a phone call.

When I needed a new mp3-player, I also asked for and got recommendations. I opted for the Philips GoGear Vibe 8GB. I believe it was Junair who praised it.

I have masses of storage, easy handling (even in the dark), there are functions for videos and lots more which I don’t ever use. It’s towards the lower end of the medium price range, small, compact.

Thank you all.