I need 900 new words!

I only have to create 900 new LingQs and I will be the LingQ all-time Russian-lingQ creating champion! BWA-HA-HAAA-HAAAAAAA!

I’m in a hurry to be Supreme Grand Russian-learning Being! Where should I source my 900 new words from? Vocabulary lists, technical textbooks, newspapers, great literature? Where would YOU look for 900 new words in a hurry?

I would imagine that if you imported an e-book or some sort of literature, you would find 900 new words :slight_smile:

Oh, I could find 900 words almost anywhere, no doubt. The question is, where would YOU look for the kind of vocabulary you would want to acquire? To put it another way, how would you decide what new words you need in your life, and where you should get them?

I think a linguist would talk about corpus (or possibly discourse) analysis at this point.

I’d just keep reading. I would read anything or watch anything, just accumulating vocabulary. I wouldn’t worry what kind it was, whether it was sci-fi, geeky, offensive, advanced, basic, technical or whatever, as long as I was building up my vocab.

Helen, you are assuming that I am asleep. I consider this to be a challenge!!

More seriously, I think that you have several choices.

  1. search the internet for frequency lists for Russian or better still
  2. google in Russian for Тургенев or Гроссман or some other author and you will find the texts available to import. Either import them or use the bookmarklet. You will find lots of unknown words. At least I did. Then you can QuickLingQ or LingQ going through the texts.

I must say that when there are lots of unknown words and few User Hints, I prefer to LingQ while reading. I also prefer to import small chunks at a time. The bookmarklet is handy for this. Things are easier when there are more User Hints.

We could cooperate on this so that I could trailblaze one chapter and then you do the next, so that there will be more User Hints waiting for us. Let me know. Maybe we could get others involved. Unlike other languages, I find that in Russian there are too few User Hints. Let me know.

After LIngQing I can read at my leisure on my iPad.

If I were you, I would check up certain technical terms about music, the names of composers and the titles of music pieces I have ever listened to, ever played and the name of the places I’ve ever visited or would like to visit, etc.

In Paris, there are many many specic names of the places I remenber, that will be new words for me, but I have never lingQed them…

I’ve been reading Anna Karenina, and creating lots of new LingQs from ready-made Hints. I guess that you’ve already done this book Steve, and that the Hints are yours.

I am also going through Steven Pinker’s the Language instinct in Russian, the text of which which I got from here: Язык как инстинкт (fb2) | Либрусек.

OK, here’s my idea:

Every time you look a word up in Rambler (Russian - English online dictionary), you get, as well as a definition, a list of commonly used phrases that word appears in. These are mostly useful phrases. Copy and paste into a word processor, strip out any weird formatting (control+m does this in Open Office), then convert to a csv file (copy and paste into an empty csv file in Open Office, then save). You can then import all these as new LingQs via the vocabulary page.

Result: about 6 new lingQs for every new word encountered, but they are reasonably common, and reasonably useful, phrases.



http://bit.ly/bclJVr (video; read by the author)