I must apologize beforehand

According to the LingQ website I have 6,294 points now. As I don’t want to lose my points, I will write about trivial things and ask my favorite LingQ “corrector” to check them. I must apologize beforehand if you feel I deal with too trivial matters on a public forum.

The main character of a novel I am reading now came near to Salisbury in England. He is still talking about his father, his father’s last days. He is preoccupied with the concept of dignity, dignity as a butler.

“The Remains of the Day” is everything but trivial, it is a wonderful book. I wish I could write like that.

P.S. And even if you were to write about something which others, including me, might consider trivial, this is an Open Forum for comments in English. So, you are in the right place, doing the right thing.

The main character of a novel I am reading now, in the story, has arrived at Salisbury in England. The writer still makes him talk about his father, or his father’s last days instead of letting him talk about the city where he is now staying. He is preoccupied with the concept of dignity as a butler, which was not only his father’s profession but also is his.

“Stevens represses knowledge about the past to protect himself from the painful memory of political flirtation of Lord Darlington with fascism and Nazism and the fact that he, Stevens accepted it passively. Silence is acceptance. He was a collaborator of Nazis indirectly.”

I think this kind of comment is inappropriate as literary criticism. Literary criticism cannot be equated with criticizing the main characters of novels from a certain political or psychological point of view.

Do you have videocassettes and videocassette recorders? At an electric appliances store I found a cable that can be used to dub the content in the videocassettes. It connects the videocassettes recorders with computers. I didn’t buy it. I wonder if I should get it before my old VHS recorders stop functioning.