I missed LingQ very much

Last Sunday, it was a fine day for our annual spring festival in our area. However, I was injured in a accident. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had to stay there for a week WITHOUT COMPUTER AND INTERNET. I stayed on the bed for a week and couldn’t walk by myself. It was very hard for me to roll over in bed because of back and knee injury.

I missed LingQ very much!

I take my MP3 player and listened to my favorite EnglishLingQ podcast episodes again on the bed. Steve,Mark and Jill made me laugh and encouraged me.

Now I recovered rapidly and out of the hospital. My friend said, “You looks like 90 years old man.”, because my knee and back are not perfect and I have to walk very slowly with a cane.

Now I’m back to LingQ and I’ll back to work!

Hi fellow sufferer, I had the same situation last week because I was staying in hospital about a necessary surgery. Without computer and internet like you. And I have heard podcasts by MP3 player as well. Now I cannot walk and I am forced to stay at home following two or three weeks. It will be time for learning. That is the upside.

Wishes of the quick recovery to each of you. Be aware of the danger to become addicts.

Welcome back both of you. Even though you were/are having a difficult and painful time, you didn’t forget to take your MP3 and listened to English. You are star LingQers :slight_smile:

I was terribly sorry for emailing you while you were wincing with pain in the hospital.
The problem about contents sharing was solved by asking Mark!

As I told you, I have had a bad nee since I wore heels for the fist time
in 20 years for my new job.
I think I also might need a cane…

I hope you will get better soon.

I warms my hear to hear of this attachment to LingQ and yet I am sad to hear of so many medical problems in our community. Spring is here, it is time to cheer up and get healthy!!

I’m in hospital for last few days (some knee problems), but my laptop is here with me :)) So at least I can watch X-files and, of course, I’m studying at LingQ :slight_smile: It seems it is a bad year for knees/legs, take care, dear lingqers:)))

Let’s hope that you all soon will have a spring back in your step again. Gute Besserung!

Thank you, everyone!
Even though the pace of working and walking is slow, I’m happy to go back to work and surf the internet.
blackydierennmaus and Niksa,
I hope you will get well soon.

I can’t believe all the wounded LingQers. I hope you all make a speedy recovery. I hope you’re not getting injured deliberately just to spend more time with LingQ! :slight_smile:

To say it straightforwardly - no. Not for the life of me I am staying freely in a hospital. But because the weather will be comfortable in Germany the next days pain will be more bearable. Sitting in my garden and learning foreign languages is disconcertingly a pleasant feeling for me.
Thanks a lot for all your get-well.

I hope all of you feel soon better!

Wow, get well Lingqers!

I agree. I hope all of you get better soon!

Speaking of which, if I, too, am away from lingq for a day or two I actually do go through withdraws from it. Even when I’m at school I think about being on lingq.

Hey! Welcome back!
I imagine how hard is this situation!


Oh, boy! I’d love to take a few week in bed, only honing my languages… but I had my share of sickness last year, and since it was related to too much mental work, I couldn’t recover myself by studying… lol

i love to jog when listening to LingQ… but usually after 45mins I will switch to hard-metal music… need to distract myself from muscle pain. Doctor: “unfit.”