I may never complain again!

After spending exactly one hour on the phone with an Apple Watch technician and a senior Apple Watch technician and getting nowhere, I’m rethinking my expectations for LingQ. All I wanted to find out was one 1) how to get the activity tracker to stop telling me to stand up when it was four am and 2) how to turn off tracking when I wanted to conserve battery power. Nobody could answer these questions, which after the hour was up and they said they’d get back to me, I managed to figure out myself. If Apple can’t provide better service than this, how can I be so picky about LingQ?

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Yeah it’s like when you buy a Dacia brand new for £6995 you shouldn’t really expect it to be good on fuel, reliable, handle well, be comfortable, have a radio that works, or a suspension that is comfortable because it’s cheap for a car.