I make two translations of my lesson, but I see only one - why?

Some of my lessons to the beginners I translate in one or two languages.
If it is only one language - it’s OK.
But if I try to translate my lesson in two kanguages, I see two tranlations in the translations boxes in the original lesson, however, when I open this lesson in the library, I can see (and maybe all students) only one translation, not both of them- why?
Does it mean that my efforts for the second translation and my time were spent in vain???

@evgueny40 - When you open a lesson, you only see translations for languages that match your interface language, native language or dictionary language. English is displayed by default for all users. In the case of Getting Started, for example, there are translations in more than 10 languages, but each individual user only sees translations that are deemed relevant to them, so a French speaker will see the translation in French and English, whereas a Russian learner will see the translation in Russian and English, where applicable.

So, in short, your time is not spent in vain :slight_smile:

Thanks, Alex!
So the German speakers can see the German translation, then my work wasn’t in vain.