I lost my streak after more than 1,000 days

I am travelling overseas and have been diligent about keeping up with daily Korean. I have been using the time on the device I am using and was sure I was OK. Last night was before midnight local time which my device is linked to. But it was after midnight for my home time. I notice that those coins are still on for today and didn’t register yesterday. I know I did my Korean before I flew on Saturday.
Today I saw a message saying I had lost my one day streak! I bought it back but of course it is not a one day streak I lost but a more than 1100 day streak.
Is it possible to get my streak back? This has been my main motivation and has helped me do my daily Korean even when I haven’t felt like it.
Thank you

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Oh NO!!! I hope you get it back!

Hi @JenniferGroat fixed your streak, should show up 1103 days. Thanks


Thank you so much. It is fixed. That was very quick.