I lost my premium account


I’ve sent an email to the help desk explaining the situation but I haven’t got any answer so far.

I’ve paid for a one month premium and stopped my auto-subscription because I wasn’t using the app that much. Recently I decided to use it again and I found out that my premium account was completely erased. It shows on the marketplace I paid for one month and thus should end on September 4, but on my app it shows I don’t have premium anymore.

Now the clock is ticking… I don’t have many days before the end of my subscription but I receive no reponse so I will soon lose all my eligible days left…

What should I do ? Is that normal ?

EDIT: On my profile here, it shows I am still premium, but when I want to learn new lessons and discover new words, it tells me I have to upgrate my account to premium.

Hi Thomas,
I did actually replied on your email and wrote that I moved your account back on Premium. You should have unlimited access on your account again. Can you please check again?


I haven’t received any email (I checked my spam box too) but my account is working perfectly again, thanks you very much ! This app is such a good tool to have easy access to so many different languages.

I noticed you solved the problem quite quickly actually (earlier than your answer on the forum), so thank you again for your really prompt customer service !