I lost my 90 day streak

For some reason I only did 12 LingQs yesterday. I normally always do double the amount of LingQs but I must have forgotten. I’m completely gutted. I’ve already done 27 LingQs today and just noticed my streak is gone and I’m back to 0. Was it a timezone issue? I do most of my reading in the evening. I’m in GMT but I offset my timezone by a few hours for those days I need to burn the midnight oil.

Did I mess up somehow? I was hoping to keep my streak going for a whole year.

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That’s a shame, I extend my condolences.


Make sure that you have correct time zone selected on the Profile Settings page to avoid this kind of streak issues in future.
I have repaired your streak now and you can continue where you left off! :slight_smile:


Zoran-- You’re a scholar and a gentleman, nice.


Damn, thank you so much! I will thank you in fluent French in 273 days time!


It would be great if LingQ introduced some Duolingo-style features like Streak Freeze & Streak Repair.
And the ability to change your daily goal :pray: It’d really help to keep up motivation.


That’s very kind indeed, Zoran! I remember when my vanished and I recall that they gone forever.

Is that what, in English, you call double standard? :-))

I guess complaints like yours about broken streak made us add possibility to repair it. :slight_smile: No double standards, if you ever need to repair your streak, just let me know!


I promise. :slight_smile:

I know, right? :wink: I was even considering whether to send a condolence card with flowers or donate to their favourite charity! :wink: ~


I need to repair my streak. The first time i was doing an 800km drive and all I could do was listen so I listened for 6 hours on the way back. but still lost my streak. The other was I actuall.y thought I had studied in the morining and got all my words… but then the next day it showed me I hadn’t and I was confused. Can you still repair either of those. Language = German.

agreed, or, that fact that you are working on one langage… makes it so you have a streek if you completed the minimum in that one language. or a combination of all combined.

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I repaired your German streak :slight_smile:

what!! you are awsome. Havce I told you before that you are awsome. Well you are. Thanks Zoran. :-)… however now I am confused. It was July 31 was the day I lost my streek. I clearly must have lost it another day after that and didn’t even realize i was so pissed. I do thank you. :slight_smile: I appreaceate it.

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Happened to me with a 450+ day streak. Lingq does not care.

man thats so devastating, i feel for you…

Hay Zoran, I have a guy i am talking to on Whatsapp and he mentioned he lost his days also one day. If i provided you a number and a name would you be willing to restore his?

Sure, I need his username and I will gladly fix his streak.

Its still Saturday and LingQ has told me that I’ve lost my streak and that I have reached my goal for Sunday already. It is still Satuday LingQ is a day ahead of me and as a result I’ve lost my process which is rightfully mine. How do I resolve this issue?

Please make sure that you have correct Time Zone selected on your Profile.