I live in Canada and can't seem to find a book I want

I’m tring to find teach yourself german a book from a series Steve recommended on youtube, but I live in Canada and they won’t deliver the book to my winnipeg address, any idea’s?

Try http://www.abebooks.com/.
AbeBooks is headquartered in Canada, and it lets you select specifically Canadian booksellers.

As of right now, I see one Canadian bookseller who has several copies of Teach Yourself Beginners German by Rosi McNab. There are a few books with similar titles at other sellers.

Who were you trying to order from?

I was at Amazon.com. I saw Stevens blog on you tube on how he used teach yourself with his Russian, and I suddenly had to have that book. I tried German demystified and didn’t care for it. I plan on using it like steve did, I had no role model to help with language learning and he gives some really good advice, not to take grammar too seriously and try to remember everything, which I did and it really turned me off and intimidated me and made me think it was just too hard for me to learn. I know better now.

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Why not try amazon.ca?

Have you tried Chapters/ Indigo? It is on backorder, but they say they have it

Thanks eevee, I’ll look into it. I really prefer buying things locally, no shipping fees. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@nathanael1971: " I really prefer buying things locally, no shipping fees."

I’ve had to bite the bullet this year and start buying books from the U.S.A. I swore I wouldn’t (shipping fees, long delivery times, weird fonts and strange English usages) but dammit, I’m getting really fussy in my textbook tastes and they just have a bigger selection over there.

Has anyone else tried Fishpond World? The website is found at FishpondWorld.com.
I have had books sent here to Ethiopia with no postal charges and price per item definitely competitive with amazon.
They do have books in languages other than English, with more titles available all the time.
I have just checked, and the book is available, with 2 CDs. There are two prices, I think the price depends on the country from which the book is supplied.