I know all

A number of learners have expressed the reluctance to click on “I know all” because in fact , they do not know all. Personally I am not bothered by this, since I know it is just a button for updating my statistics, in other words to tell the system which words I do not want to LingQ, most of which I know. I am also aware that any words that I missed can be LingQed later and the statistics will adjust.

However, would it make people feel more comfortable is the button were called something like:

Update my statistics

or would that just confuse people?

I love the way the name of this thread is displayed in the Recently Active Threads section:

“I Know All” by Steve.

In answer to your question, “Update My Statistics” would be even more misleading. I have no problem with “I Know All."

Hah. Just realized it’s going to read “I Know All” by [name of last poster]. Neat.

I am planning another thread to be called I am a fool. I wonder if anyone will comment.

I also want to be a “Know all”: I agree “Update my statistics” would be more likely to confuse people. " “I Know All” is definitely shorter than “I have now finished with this lesson”.

“I Know All Blue Words”?

Oh, dooo, you know all: what a good suggestion!

And perhaps it could be relocated?

I have just pressed it by mistake as I was checking a German lesson - I had meant to press the play button. Now I am credited with knowing 499 German words and it’s not true.

We just need another button to augment it: “D’oh, I Know Nothing."

I’m not confused about the button at all, I just dont use it ,especially as a beginner of a language. I can image that button being really handy later on when I actually do know most of what I read. I think if you were to change it to “update my statistic” it would be even more confusing because im not even sure what you mean by that =p…

It does not make any difference. I am looking at the screen again and again after accomplishing a lesson. If I don’t know all blue words I do not press the button “I know all”. If unknown words(completely new, not other forms of known words) are over 10 I don’t take this lesson.

To me, “Update my stadistic” sound kind of boring. However, pushing “I know all” button is definitely more exciting!

I suggest “Lesson finished” or “Lesson completed” or “Finished”.

By the way, I would love to have the function “Finished. Please archive” :slight_smile: