"I know all these words" within a document?

I love the “Move all other words to Known” feature (or however it’s written) at the end of each lesson. Usually for a short lesson I go through, pull out the words I’m having problems with, then click the magic link to zap everything else.

However, sometimes my texts are a bit long, so I only read part of the text in one session. I read in the same way, just scanning and pulling out the language I want to record. Lots of words in what I’ve read will still be blue after that: these are words I know. It would be really great if the “Move all words to known” feature could be applied to only part of a text. I’d love to be able to select only the part I’ve read today and zap the blues in one go. The only alternative I have at the moment is to go through them one by one and click, “I know this word.” It’s a bit tedious.

@zbrntt - thanks for your suggestion! We don’t have any immediate plans on implementing this feature. Another possible option for you could be just skipping all known blue words until you finish a lesson (on your second or third day, etc.) and then moving them all to known words.