"I know all remaining blue words" does not work

Always I click on the blue button “I know all remaining blue words” it does not work. Nothing happens like if I had not clicked on it and the words continue blue. I tried do it using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and nothing happens. If someone know how to solve it I will be very grateful. Thanks for the attention!

Hi Miranda,
I am sorry to hear that you are not able to move all blue words to known. I’ve tried to reproduce this and it works perfectly fine for me. Do you still have this issue? When did you first noticed it? Please let us know. Thanks!

You are welcome!
I always had this problem using Lingq in my computer but using the app (android) I could add the blue words to the words I already know so I thought “no problem, I can study the text using the computer and them add the blue words in the app”. The problem is that I will not be able to use the app for a some weeks so I need to add words using the computer.
Thanks for the attention!

Hmm, really strange. Would you please give us permission to log into your account to try to reproduce the issue? If you agree please send us your login info on Support (at) LingQ.com

I use Facebook login. Can I send my Facebook login account?

Hi Miranda,
Sure, no problem.