I keep loosing my streaks and I can`t seem to figure out why

So on Monday the same thing already happened to me and it goes as follows:
I go and do my lingq lesson for the day and it tells me I lost my streak. However, it seems that the words I learn after 23:00 (11pm) are counted on the next day and I can`t find a confiq on the site or the app that changes that (like you can do on anki). Here is the print I took from my screen that says that I have met my goal on saturday, but also showing it is barely past 11pm on my country (Brazil GMT-3). Amazingly, when I change the timezone to Santiago or other south american city that also uses GMT-3 the streak gets fixed, but then lost again on the next day. Is there any way I can fix this on the app configs?

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Boa noite OP, eu passei muita raiva com isso, perdi várias ofensivas, até que por último arrumei uma solução, o meu GMT é o mesmo que o seu -3,eu alterei para GMT-4 Manaus, eu vejo que existe um delay pra encerrar o dia, mas é pra mais, acredito que por volta de 00:10. Não é o ideal mas é o que está funcionando.

Boa sorte e bons estudos.

Strange, are you using the web version only? I fixed your streak.