I keep getting redirected to buy points

This happens mainly when I am trying to open statistics/achievements/avatar. I’m not wanting to buy any points at this time.

@KateW - What browser are you in? And on what device? There is a banner across the top of the page which links to the buy points page but it’s strange that those controls would trigger it. You should also be able to click to “Hide” that notice and stop it interfering.

Silk browser on the Kindle. It’s inconvenient to pull out my laptop.
The banner isn’t on there.

We have no way of testing that device but can you scroll down or across somehow and find that banner? If you can find it and hide it, that should solve your problem.

No. The banner isn’t showing up anywhere.

I’m sorry about that then. We don’t support your browser so have no real way of solving the problem. Can you try those controls on the Profile page? They may work there.