I keep getting Internal Server Error

HI, From yesterday, everytime I try to access to lingq, I get the message “Internal Server Error”
I have to enter through other links. what should do about this matter?

I’ve had the same issue for about a week. I’ve used different computers and different browsers but this error keeps occurring at various times throughout the day.

Sorry about this. We are experiencing intermittent issues with our servers. We are looking into them.

Yes, this occurs last 2-3 days when I try to go from one my language to another.
It wasn’t before.

@Mark, it is impossible to open the Learn page. Please look what’s wrong there. Other pages are fine.

There are some issues but it is now 11.20 pm in Vancouver so it will likley be tomorrow before these issues are resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve been having a problem on and off that I submit a conversation report, but when I next look at my discussions page it shows that conversation report has not been submitted. It means I have to write the report all over again from memory.

Also, another LingQ member has been having problems signing up for a one-on-one conversation with me. She says the error message said “We’re sorry, but it looks like this conversation is not available.”

The same some of my students say as well: ‘it looks like this conversation is not available.’- although it’s free in my schedule.

I have the same problem evgueny. We are aware of the problem and hopefully can resolve it quickly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, there was a problem with conversation sign ups. It has been resolved now. Let us know if you keep having issues here.

The same Internal Server Error still exists when I click the Learn button.

What browsers are y’all using because I have tried in Chrome and Safari and I’m not having any issues

I’ve been using Safari and Chrome on a MAC computer and Firefox and Internet Explorer on a PC. I’ve also tried on my iPhone. I’ve gotten a few error messages including “404 Internal Server Error” and I believe “505 or maybe 504 Internal Server Error”. I just got a time out error message about a 1/2 hour ago while on my PC using Firefox.

Conversation sign ups should be working properly now. Please try again. Sorry for this inconvenience.
Let us know of there are any issues with it.

It seems to be fixed. Thank you.

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@Ress - We’ve hopefully identified the cause of these other issues and should have these all fixed today. Thanks for your patience as we resolve this!

@LingQ - thanks for looking into this issue. Love this site:)

it’s all good now. thanks :slight_smile: