I just wanted to say

I’m really happy with how we can now edit the actual lingqed word or phrase and listen to how its pronounced while we review the flashcards. The former makes the lingq experience a lot less confusing (especially for german) since you are not stuck with the exact form of the word in the text but can change it to the infinitive for verbs or a noun from plural to singular or add a noun’s article in languages that have gender, all of which give a more holistic view of the word and helps better recognize and apply it in the future. and being able to hear words individually really helps with pronounciation and being able to pick it out while listening to the whole text. thank you so much for these great changes, you guys are doing a great job!

We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying some of the new changes that we’ve made, and thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

I’m still loving that import bookmarklet!

Yes! The quick import with the “import Bookmarklet” is the Hit !
I use it now regularly each day!
I hope more people will use this great service from lingq!

I agree – the import bookmarklet makes it easier than ever to read in a foreign language :slight_smile: I find it’s especially easy to split up long essays and articles into manageable chunks, making it not so daunting to read.