I inadvertently cancelled all my data :(

I know this is stupid, but while I was cancelling the data about the languages I had just taken a look at out of curiosity, i realized I cancelled the one I am studying seriously (Romanian) together with them. I really can’t understand how it happened, because i was cancelling them in alphabetical order…I don’t care about points et cetera, but with all those lingqs and known words (around 8000) it’s really a pain in the neck. And worst of all, does it mean I have lost forever all my private lessons and imports??? Please tell me there is a way… :(((((

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Unfortunately not much we can do. Deleted data are lost for good. Sorry, but you’ll need to start over.

Not that I had many doubts. But I’ve already overcome the grief :slight_smile: and now think it is even better this way. So now I can work much more coherently than I did at the beginning, when I didn’t have a clear “policy” about new words, etc.