I haven't been able to use the "AI simplify" function

It simply does not exist for me. I don’t see any button in any part of my interface, not in my browser nor in the app. I’m learning german.

I don’t see it for Korean either. That’s my main language. I dabble in Japanese and Spanish and at least a little while ago I was able to pull it up in Japanese I think. I don’t want to use it in Japanese unfortunately :joy:. I don’t need it. Korean it would be great though.

Maybe the language level is low. Change the lesson’s level to Intermediate 1 or higher. It helped me.

I tried even advanced lessons just to see of it would appear but nothing, no luck :confused:

I have used it before, but I no longer see “Simplify Lesson (AI)” as this article says I should:


I did try editing the language level with no effect.

Hi guys. The availability of the simplified option depends on the lesson’s length and level. If a lesson exceeds the 3,000-word limit, the option is hidden. Additionally, for lessons classified as Beginner 1 or 2, the option remains concealed. However, if a lesson has an unspecified level or falls under the Intermediate or Advanced, the simplified option becomes visible.

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I’ve wondered a bit why the went with a “Simlify” approach.

I wonder why they didn’t go with more of a “Rephrase” [to my current level] approach.


"Notice: This content may be difficult.

It is at an Advanced I level. You are currently at an Intermediate I level. There are [X] new words ([X]%).

Would you like to use AI to rephrase the content to closer to your level?"

Personally, I think this would be nice to have.

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